Weekly Meal Plan 8/27-9/3/17

Hello there and happy Sunday! I hope you are having a happy Sunday, one of our cats has run off so we are not so happy here, hopefully she will turn up though.

This week will thankfully not be nearly as busy as last week! As usual until about November or so I have Marching Band on Mondays, so we will again be featuring more Crockpot goodness. Other than that everything else will be fairly normal this week. We are tentatively going to something in El Paso on Saturday (information on that if we get to,) so Saturday may end up being not what is planned.

Tuesday nights I still have rehearsal but it’s a non-football week so I get to be home on Monday. Also if you didn’t notice the dates on this are a bit weird since I’m going to be transitioning back to weeks running Monday- Sunday, so you get a few bonus days for your trouble. That also means I will be adjusting our post schedule. Meal plans will now post on Mondays (starting next week,) and reviews on Wednesdays (also starting next week.)

Anyway without further ado here are this weeks upcoming eats!

Sunday 8/27/17: Ginger Lime Chicken with String Beans and Wasabi Smashed Potatoes

Monday 8/28/17: Slow Cooker Chicken Bolognese

Tuesday 8/29/17: Pineapple- Adobo Meatball Sandwichs *Similar*

Wednesday 8/30/17: Whole Roasted Mustard Chicken

Thursday 8/31/17: The Onion-Tended Consequences Burger

Friday 9/1/17: Chicken and Mushroom Stew *Similar*

Saturday 9/2/17: Zucchini With Bow Ties

Sunday 9/3/17: Apple Buckwheat Pancakes

Lunch Meal Prep: Roasted Turkey Breast and Broccoli

Thanks for tuning in and hopefully reviews will be be up Tuesday….though I might go ahead and push them to Wednesday. Also what have you been trying? I’ve already planned next month but one can never have to many recipes right?:)

With All My Good Thoughts,


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